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NKT bans any book about any religion, including Buddhism, in its libraries. The only books allowed are from its cult leader, Gyatso.

No root texts, no commentaries, none of Tsongkhapa's precious books even though Gyatso claims that his cult is dedicated to Tsonghkapa, no Kadampa books (ie, books of Atisha and commentaries), no Kadamap lineage books or commentaries, none of the Dalai Lama's many books, nothing from Trijang or Pabongkha (Gyatso's teachers), nothing but Gyatso. Nothing from Gyatso's proclaimed 'lineage' beyond references and selected quotes in Gyatso's books.

Gyatso's books are like Reader's Digest versions or Cliff Notes of prized Buddhist literature - Gyatso's selections and embellishments of Buddhist precepts and important Tibetan Buddhist Lamas.

That NKT calls itself Kadampa Buddhism is a travesty and a sacrilege.

On the other hand, NKT boasts that it is a 'New Kadampa Tradition', effectively meaning that it bans Kadampa and all other classic Buddhists texts and scriptures. NKT's adjective 'NEW' translates to a ban of Buddhist texts (and Buddhist compassion).

For NKT, there is no value in real Kadampa Buddhism. Rather, NKT seeks to use its fundamentalist cult to confuse, to attack and to abandon legitimacy (along side an excessive and harmful amount of psychiatric counseling whose consequences are readily apparent in reports from NKT members who developed enough courage to leave NKT; click here for a relevant article about post-cult recovery).

Visitors to NKT centers inquiring about books about Buddhism are steered to Gyato's books only and are disuaded from purchasing any other books about Buddhism. Any mention of the Dalai Lama typically is met with NKTites calling the Dalai Lama a villain and a liar.

A sad state of affairs for anyone interested in Buddhism but unfortunate to become misdirected by NKT.


Editor's Note:
While mostly a collection of stories from Tibetan Buddhism adapted for Western audiences, most of Gyatso's books are fine and recommended reading. A contributor to this web site has all of Gyatso's books. Everything in Gyatso's books other than his Shugden fetish is meritorious. Nevertheless, they should not be considered by anyone as the only words to read about Buddhism. Books by the Dalai Lama, Lama Yeshe, Jeffrey Hopkins, Glen Mullins, Reginald Rey, Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Taye and most notably Atisha and Tsongkhapa are highly recommended (e.g., see resources listed on this web site's Read More page. The books shelves in books stores abound in good books about Buddhism that are more reliable and better adhere to and inspire genuine Buddhist spirituality. It is amazing to consider that amazon.com offers so much more than NKT for those interested in Buddhism.

Many modern books about Buddhism contain Forwards from and dedications to the Dalai Lama (one of Gyatso's books originally was dedicated to the Dalai Lama, but this dedication was removed from later printings; Gyatso contributes to no other Buddhist books, or spiritual paths, but his own).

Gyatso's policy to disallow all other books but his own in his 1100 centers around the world and to disuade his followers from reading all other books but his own is a clear red flag trait of a fundamentalist cult.

Those interested in genuine Buddhism should be cautious and explore more inclusive and authentic paths to care for their spirituality.