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NKT's attacks, ironically, can have rewards.

Dr. Michelle Haslam, vicously attacked by NKT fakery, is bouncing back.

Dr. Haslam has evolved her mission, to not only share information about NKT abuses but now also a mission to create a resource about the cultist aspect of NKT.

Please visit https://newkadampatraditionreport.org. The site is aptly titled 'Liberation from Indoctrination'. And Dr. Haslam's articulate and meaningful youtube videos are returning. Dr Haslam is compelling and expert in her analysis of the NKT cult.

May many be helped recover from NKT or gain caution with NKT involvement.

Thank you.


Dr. Haslam 'published' a superb article about the NKT cult.

Social factors that make us vulnerable to recruitment into Buddhist cultic groups: ‘McMindfulness’, The Happiness Trap, deception and hidden abuse (click here)

We are sorrowful for the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual harms that NKT has caused and its ongoing threats.

We are thankful for Dr. Haslam's and so many others' contributions to support NKT survivors and avert additional harm.