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This web site is 2 years old. Not a happy birthday celebration though. NKT continues its assault.

Much scholarly work has been submitted. Unfortunately, so have personal attacks from NKT supporters seemingly overcome with anger.

Recently, a web site supporting NKT's cult was created to criticize this web site, alleging that is filled with lies, "anthropomorphic lies" according to a recent essayist.

NKTites allege that this web site is ruining the faith of NKTites.

NKTites allege that we are not Buddhists, just like they allege against the Dalai Lama and several other respected Tibetan Lamas and long-time Buddhists.

About a month ago, a book was advertised for sale on amazon.com that was to review NKT's history and campaign. However, NKT, through its lawyers, caused this book to be withdrawn, generating much discussion inside and outside NKT. (the book - A Cuckoo in the Peacock Palace: The Decline of Tradition in 21st Century Western Buddhism and the Rise of the New Kadampa Tradition)

For example,

"I speak to a lot of people involved in Buddhism in the UK and ALL of them are talking about it. Everyone, without exception, is identifying it as a clear example of feudal thinking, an action driven by the desire to maintain the NKT's reputation so they don't lose status or money.

The ban seems to have confirmed in many peoples minds that the NKT are importing the feudalism which led to the downfall of Tibet. I have already heard of people leaving the NKT because of the publication, and they haven't even seen it."

NKTites allege that the book is filled with lies without ever seeing the book.

Calling those not addicted to the NKT cult liars is routine with NKT supporters.

(after 2 years, not a single lie has been identified in this web site other than those of NKT and its supporters)

About a year ago, two NKT teachers published a salacious book.

(NKTite response to the provocative book and marketing careers of the 2 NKT teachers has been, 'so what, there is nothing inconsistent between their writings and pyramid marketing schemes and their NKT teachings, this is a non story, there is no sexual misconduct at NKT'.)

On the other hand, there are notable changes inside NKT. Its first Gyatso Kelsang heir to take the leadership position of NKT stepped down, as did Kelsang Pema, the NKT 'nun' who Kelsang Gyatso assigned to orchestrate NKT's worldwide protest rallies. 'Kadam' Nick Gillespie left NKT after 20+ years with NKT and creator of several NKT centers (2 years ago, his partner Lucy James was fired by Kelsang Gyatso for not contributing students for Kelsang Gyatso's protest rallies; her administrative director in Sarasota, FL resigned due to the political nature of these protests)

Recently, NKT sold one of its centers in England, Losang Dragpa Centre in Todmorden, West Yorkshire.

According to an observer,

"Even though the aftermath of Todmorden may be littered with the bodies of the innocent, the NKT were able to take the profits from the building's sale, the mortgage of which was paid for overwhelmingly by State benefits and housing benefit, and pour the money into a number of overseas projects. Great karma for the UK taxpayer."

Another observer commented,

"I have seen the letter which came from head office and it said… "due to the actions of the last three teachers, the centre has now become impure'… It is public knowledge who these were. Samden, Samten and Chogkya..."

According to NKT,

"Losang Dragpa Centre (LDC) was closed only because no NKT Teacher was qualified to improve the Centre spiritually or materially, given the history of spiritual impurity at the Centre...The annual profits made by each local NKT-IKBU Kadampa Buddhist Centre shall be used for the development of that Centre, including improvements to accommodation and so forth, and any remaining profit shall be donated to the NKT-IKBU International Temples Project account of their respective country...we took a decision not to publish the details you supplied of Chokgya's mistake because she has paid for this mistake, it is not actually a secret, and (as you yourself have pointed out) people know about it anyway, so why bring it up again...The main culprit was Samden Gyatso, without a doubt. Without his egregious breaking of moral discipline — of which everyone is painfully aware — the one Centre where he had the most influence would not have had to close, and the students remaining would not have had to move on to other Centres...You might also be pleased to know that Samten is now teaching at KMC New York..."

(Samden Gyatso was one of Kelsang Gyatso's named heirs that was forced to resign after his sexual abuse of NKT students and clergy became public knowledge, though much of it occurred before Kelsang Gyatso named Samden his heir.)

Also, NKT has placed one its tourist hotels up for sale.


The sales advertisement reads,

"For Sale Hotel in Montecatini Terme, Tuscany, Italy

33 bedroom hotel in the heart of Tuscany for sale. Excellent condition recently modernized.

All bedrooms en-suite with air-conditioning and heating. Many have wonderful views over the mountains and terraces. Large dining/conference room, breakfast room, bar/cafe and very large conservatory. Wi-fi throughout.

Modern and fully equipped kitchen for a busy hotel.

Sale includes all fixtures and fixings.

The hotel is situated in the spa town of Montecatini Terme, 45 mins from both Florence and Pisa and a traditional stop over hub for tourists. The town is a traditional old spa town with many beautiful parks and spas at the foot of the pistoiese mountains. The hotel itself is situated in the heart of the town in a tranquil piazza close to the main park and 2 minutes from the main street.

Price: 2 million Euros, $2,442,400"

Perhaps, NKT needs funds to maintain its political campaign.

Perhaps, NKT is winding down.

Perhaps, the following matter requires attention,

"Call to close sect's benefit loophole

The Guardian, London

Madeleine Bunting - Religious Affairs Editor

Labour has urged the Government to plug a loophole in housing benefit which Britain's richest and fastest growing Buddhist sect has exploited to fund the purchase of a series of substantial properties.

Chris Smith the shadow social security spokesman, urged an immediate investigation into the New Kadampa Tradition (NKT), a Buddhist sect set up in 1991 which has over 20 affiliated residential centres. Former members claim the majority of the 300 odd residential members are on housing benefit, which is paid in rent to the centres to fund their mortgages.

The Department of Social Security is effectively subsidising the NKT's expansion to the tune of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Mr. Smith said: "There must be an immediate investigation. If there is a loophole, the Government should plug it as rapidly as possible. Meanwhile members of the NKT are involved in a series of demonstrations as the Dalai Lama arrives in Europe today ahead of his arrival in Britain on Monday. Coach-loads are leaving from the NKT's headquarters near Ulverston Cumbria, to attend a demonstration organised by the Shugden Supporters Community in Zurich.

The demonstrators - they claim that the Dalai Lama opposes religious freedom because he has banned a centuries-old religious practice - are also planning to picket the Buddhist Society in London on Tuesday.

Organisers of the Dalai Lama's UK visit are increasingly anxious about the possibility of disruption from the activities of the Shugden Supporters Community (SSC).

The Tibet government in exile has vigourously denied the allegations against the Dalai Lama as "baseless."

More details have emerged following the Guardian's investigation published last week, of how NKT-affiliated residential centres use the benefit system.

Early next month, the NKT headquarters at Conishead Priory, Ulverston, is holding one of it's main fund- raising events of the year, a two week summer festival for more than 1,500 followers, likely to generate a surplus of well over =A3100,000.

Former members of the NKT have come forward to claim that nearly all the approximately 90 residents of Conishead Priory are on income support and housing benefit, which they pay as rent. With rents of =A3160-=A3190 a month, this amounts to the Department of Social Security paying out more than =A313,000 a month in benefits. Ex-NKT members claim this pattern is duplicated at many centres affiliated to the NKT.

Conishead Priory has developed another source of income during during the festivals, held three times a year. Residents have to leave the rooms for which they receive the benefit to make way for paying guests.

Chris Bussell had been a monk in the NKT at Ulverston for two years before he left last year.

Ultimately Mr Bussell felt he was receiving money he was not entitled to. The founder of the NKT is a semi- reclusive Tibetan monk, called Gehe Kelsang. Mr Bussell decided to hand back his vows and wrote a letter of explanation to Kelsang, telling him he had a "moral responsibility to inform people to act within the law." He received no reply."