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NKT claims that hundreds of thousands would have never met Buddhist teachings but do so everyday via NKT because of Kelsang Gyatso's far-reaching and compassionate vision. (let's see, if most are paying the common $10 fee to participate with an NKT daily event, that would be millions of dollars a day revenue)

NKT further claims that there are potentially millions that will do so. That would be tens of millions of dollars a day revenue.

Well, this web site has the potential to reach billions to help them explore the truth about NKT.

The contributors to this web site, per NKT calculus, must also possess far-reaching and compassionate vision...a thousand times larger than Kelsang Gyatso's because this web site's potential reaches billions while Kelsang Gyatso's potential reaches millions.

A big difference....while NKT may take in massive revenues, this web site takes in none. Another reason why truth is better than fiction.