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NKT's Big Lie

Give NKT your money and NKT will save you billions of lifetimes to achieve nirvana. Pay them enough and you can have it today. Like fast-serve ice cream.

NKT sells fast-track snake oil, duping followers with tantra using one of NKT's appropriated deities (or NKT's founder and abusive teachers pretending to be a deity!), featuring Highest Yoga Tantra and sexual mechanisms to nirvana and bypassing the rigors of moral fitness, proper education, training, preparation, appropriate protections, legitimate empowerments and critical adherence to Buddha Shakyamuni's teachings. (NKT's 'teachers' are notorious for sexual abuse) And, ignoring the deeply rooted safeguards to tantra's dangers never mentioned by NKT but widely warned about by true spiritual guides and true (and necessary) lineage connection contradicted and abandoned by NKT. Unless one is well versed in Buddhism (which takes years for some, decades for others and lifetimes for most) tantra empowerments and practices are futile and potentially dangerous (exposing the practitioner to abuse and rebirth in hell and setback millions of lifetimes before getting back on track to profoundly positive spiritual progress).

NKT makes it easy of course, and alluring. Simply pay. Some have paid NKT hundreds of thousands of dollars to leave the difficulties of life. NKT prides itself with mass empowerments during pricey festivals, including to novices and children. All bogus (NKT has no legitimate connection to any lineage; NKT is a self-created 'new tradition' that proudly boasts its abandonment of historical Buddhism and protests against Tibetan Buddhism in particular; NKT bans all books about Buddhism and Buddhist training it does not publish and sell). NKT markets luxurious Swiss Alps lodging with mountain-top 'meditation', cosmetic and sensual spas, and slickly advertised vacation festivals to entice us.

NKT promises to shorten the time from the many lifetimes of training required, even billions of lifetimes. Zero to Nirvana in your present lifetime. A few weeks instead of billions years. What a deal. Thousands have bought into NKT's big lie.

Immense revenues have rolled in to NKT (tens of millions of dollars), bolstered by government subsidies (millions of dollars), since NKT's scandalous creation in 1990 led by a fake Tibetan Geshe discredited by his Tibetan monastery for his defamation of Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan Lamas and political protest rallies against the Dalai Lama. NKT now has opulent mansions and temples around the world built on NKT's nirvana sales pitch.

Of course, NKT provides no refunds. When you suffer from NKT's charade, NKT will attack you, threaten you and defame you.

You would be far better off buying fast-serve ice cream.


Editors Note
As for lies, review NKT's fake and discredited Geshe.

As for revenge, review TOSSED, BANNED, LAWSUIT THREATENED and Defame and Destroy.

Please do not perform or pay for NKT's corrupt and dangerous tantra exercises or meditations. Stay away from NKT's tantra festivals and weekend getaways. Regarding tantra, collaborate only with a true spiritual guide incorporating legitimate tantra empowerments and proper preparations. There truly are dangers and a true spiritual guide will discuss them with you before, during and after each step of your journey.

NKT's selling of bogus tantra empowerments and practices is, in the context of Buddhism and the full meaning of your life, the most immoral act and harm to your spiritual progress.

Likewise, NKT's unlicensed psychotherapy programs and scales are also both fake and dangerous.