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Been There Done That

Think about NKT's special kool-aid, 'spiritual psychotherapy' mixed with cult of personality (NKT was founded by a purported infinitely perfect being propelled by a demon god). Think about NKT's bubble view of itself, and its vile attacks against those who question NKT and those who are victimized by and on behalf of NKT corporation. Think about NKT scandal since it was founded in 1990.

Think about NKT as I describe my story, an allegory. Stepping out of NKT can bring objectivity. You may see cause as well as solution.

More or less, I write this from a perspective of an NKT monk.

Once a junior executive, then rising through the ranks to become a top executive in billion-dollar international companies, I drank the kool-aid about dangerous as well as fake products.

My job was to expand sales and empire and go along with the lies, cover ups, diversions, blaming those hurt for causing their own problems with our multi-million dollar products sold to protect their health. I worked with so many regulatory agencies and top-tier law firms and lobbyists I added litigation and government lobby expertise to my product development resume, augmenting my R&D, planning and marketing responsibilities.

After all, our customers voluntarily drank our advertising and packaging kool-aid so their problems were their fault, or so I thought at the time.

And, it was not our job as executives to put the brakes on sales and marketing. We all saw what happened to those product managers who raised concerns. They were stabbed in the back, isolated, framed for wrongdoing and discarded.

So I too went along. It was part of my job and I was awarded bonuses for my product defense. I overlooked and trivialized customer complaints. I went along with the lies about the safety and effectiveness of our products to regulators, the media and ultimately our customers. I was being paid very well. I had a prestigious office. When I traveled, I went first class and stayed in the most luxurious hotels. I had an even brighter future financially, and egotistically. After all, the benefits outweighed the costs, or so I thought at the time.

I didn't appreciate that lies were lies. I was living inside a financial and ego bubble. The corporate offices were exorbitant. I was sucked into the company line. It was us versus them paranoia.

Kool-aid can be very addictive. Herd behavior and the kool-aid environment can be very insidious. I mean, I got caught up in carrying the company's flag like almost everyone else. It was our job to grow the business and pretend customer problems were fake.

The kool-aid turned very sour in my last job, Senior Vice President.

Overhauling the company's departments and divisions, I came across dozens of unlabeled boxes. They were filled with customer complaints and even complaints from government agencies following up on complaints filed with them from our customers.

The clock stopped as I read the complaints. First was the number of complaints. Then their content.

These complaints were from real people describing what looked like real problems. Sometimes serious problems. Customers were complaining about predictable consequences from using our products.

I cried, stunned and then horrified.

While most complaints were about the fakery of our products, about 20% of the complaints, about one thousand per week, included hospital records, some included death certificates.

Sure, some were maybe fake, seeking an unfair refund. But, they could not all be fake. Maybe none were fake.

I investigated the complaints with my 'customer service' department employees who I had found credible. I cried again. It turned out that boxes like the ones I found had been generated for years and were ordered destroyed. Somehow, the boxes I discovered survived the destruction orders. Thousands of the company's customers had suffered seriously.

The company's president, of course, denied what I found. So I showed him the boxes. He reminded me that my allegiance was to the company, not customers. I never had the truth presented so clearly.

I worked at the company only three months, but my discovery changed my life. I quit my 'job' and worked with about a dozen government agencies to terminate the company and invesigate its crimes to vindicate the damaged customers. I shared elements of the harmful charade a few times on 60 MINUTES and in a BBC documentary about my mission.

I came face to face with the realization that life is not all about money, cheating, lies and ego. Our life is about the life of others.

The company, of course, fought back hard and hired high-powered lawyers. The company and its corrupt thousand-dollar-an-hour lawyers attacked me viciously. The company's fraudulent campaign was a failure, however, and the company is now gone. The company and its lawyers formally promised in writing that they would never attack me again and better yet never sell fakery and dangerous products again. The company was compelled by the courts to settle numerous lawsuits filed against the company for causing injury. The company's president went to federal prison and paid millions of dollars in restitution to customers and their surviving families. I heard that he then fled to South America.

Sound familiar? Perhaps NKT and its leadership will someday experience the same fate. NKT is a microcosm of much of this story. After all, it is a luxurious business empire that lives in a bubble and also harms customers, lies about its products and attacks its victims to expand its profits and lifestyle built on fakery, unwitting employees and volunteers, uniforms, false advertising and wrongdoing. Judging from the massive Internet assaults from NKT 'clergy', teachers and blinded followers, there is a big supply of kool-aid in NKT.

Maybe another BBC documentary will address NKT in the future. Maybe NKT will eventually cease as well, or at least its fraud and attacks. Much suffering could be prevented.



Editors Note
Corruption mechanisms cut across corrupt businesses. Delusion, ego, group think, excessive defensiveness, fakery, deceit, blame, vindictiveness, empire fetish, unholy alliances, bogus rationalization, financial games.

Currently, NKT's defense is what guilty corrupt companies say. Their wrongdoing is in the past. Next year, they will say their wrongdoing this year is in the past. When something is done, it is always in the past.....but its adverse consequences can last a long time.