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Speaking in vernacular....who the hell does NKT think it is?

It pitches itself as a pious religion of soft-spoken Buddhists, though it is delightfully proud of its disruption of Dalai Lama teachings with voices screamed over powered speakers.

It pitches itself as the most pure holders of the lineage of Tibetan Gelugpa, though it virtually spits on Tibetan Buddhism, particularly Gelugpa, as a degenerate school of Buddhism.

It pitches itself as a happy family, though it has turned away and ridicules many of its clergy and long-time students who figured out NKT has little to do with love and compassion.

It pitches itself as complete Buddhists, though its prohibition of any 'teachings' by anyone other than Kelsang Gyatso distorts Buddhist aspirations beyond recognition.

It pitches itself as the saviors of the teachings of Tibetan Lama Tsongkhapa, though it denies the use of Tsongkhapa's prolific library of manuscripts.

It pitches itself as easy-to-digest western form of Buddhism, though it does so at the expense of integrity and proper respect for Buddhist commitments.

It pitches itself as morally superior, though it is well known for its scandals of sexual, emotional and financial abuse.

It pitches itself as the only hope for Shugdenism, though it has invented a cultish corporate form of Shugdenism to rationalize its affinity for negativity.

It pitches itself as pioneers of western Buddhism, though it has accomplished no spiritual contribution to the practice of Buddhism in the west cultivated before NKT's arrival during the 1990s. Rather, NKT exploits this vast treasure introduced by real Buddhists.

Indeed, NKT exploits Buddhism and search for happiness in western society for NKT's material gain, NKT's only real success.

Arrogance incorporated.

Not for me.