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"The Eight Worldly Concerns can creep up on us, quite stealthily and sneakily, and even when we do something virtuous, they will try to find a way to slip in.

As it says in The Way of the Bodhisattva, praise and a good reputation do nothing to increase our longevity or good health. Maybe if lots of people praised us we might get a bit richer! But apart from that, praise does not make us live longer or in better health or help us in any other way. If people criticize us, it does not make us sick or unhealthy and nor does it shorten our lives. It does not affect us in any substantial way at all.

If we really stop to think about praise and criticism, we will see they do not have the least importance. Whether we receive praise or criticism is of no account. The only important thing is that we have a pure motivation, and let the law of cause and effect be our witness. If we are really honest, we can see that it makes no difference whether we receive praise and acclaim. The whole world might sing our praises, but if we have done something wrong, then we will still have to suffer the consequences for ourselves, and we cannot escape them. If we act only out of a pure motivation, all the beings of the three realms can criticize and rebuke us, but none of them will be able to cause us to suffer. According to the law of karma, each and every one of us must answer individually for our actions.

This is how we can put a stop to these kinds of thoughts altogether, by seeing how they are completely insubstantial, like dreams or magical illusions. When people praise us and we glow with delight, it is because we think that being praised is beneficial. But that is like thinking that there is some substance to a rainbow or a dream. However much benefit appears to accrue from praise and acclaim, actually there's none at all. However convincing it seems, it is as unreal as a magician's illusion. And so Longchen advises: "Learn to bear them patiently, as if they were mere echoes."

In exactly the same way, when somebody says something unpleasant or hurtful to us, we need to learn to be patient and forbearing and remind ourselves that their words are just like the sounds of an echo, equally insubstantial and unreal."

NKT despises such Buddhist widsom, preferring to argue hateful illusion. NKT abuses anything the Dalai Lama teaches.


Because the Dalai Lama wrote this (in 2007).

Read anything NKT markets. NKT seeks praise for its ridicule of others. NKT's accusations and protests are mere sounds of echos.


Editors Note:
While Kelsang Gyatso encourages his followers to attack others, they are disserving him by doing so. It is so unfortunate that they, especially NKT's young impressionable clergy, participate with NKT's futile mission.

Maybe NKT's posh spas have intoxicating appeal.

For example, NKT's spa in Holland offers,

"Wake up with a wholesome free breakfast in the bright World Peace Cafe and plan your day at leisure. The lounge of the Cafe is a comfortable environment for relaxing at the fireplace with a book and a cup of tea or coffee. Weather permitting, the river side garden is a great place to sit out and unwind in the sun.

Spa treatments include Facial treatments (Cleansing, skin analysis, peeling, removal of impurities, eyebrow depilation, cooling vapour, massage and algae or cream mask), Anti-stress treatment, skin-firming treatment for the throat, waxing, body treatments (Body peeling, Algae body pack, Revitalizing treatment, Frigi treatment, Slimming), Hand care, Foot care, massage, thermae pulsing, hot stones, pressure point massage, floating bath and Affusion 2OOO. You can also participate in the activities that take place every day - aquafit, aufguss, hatha yoga, hydrogymnastics, thermaemotion.

Romantic Package for Two: With this package, the second person pays only half of the regular price. Choose out of Body peeling, algae body pack and "mini treatment" (available Monday to Thursday only).

Hotel Kadampa Holland provides an ideal way to play the standard golf course you require as well as experiencing and benefiting from tranquil accommodation and facilities. This is specifically ideal if you have any non-golfers in your party as they can enjoy the hotel's location and spa town nearby with health and wellbeing centres while the golfers are out on the golf course. This way there is something for everyone."

NKT offering