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For many years, Kelsang Gyatso and his cult followers have claimed that others are outright wrong - even damned - for not following Kelsang Gyatso's controversial elitist guru, Pabongkha.


Pabongkha (1878–1941)


For example, an NKT supporter recently wrote,

"I prostrate to Je Pabongkhapa, a true master of the Gelugpa tradition, unlike the Dalai Lama who's on some 'all paths are equal' hippie trip."

In Pabongkha's view (excerpted from his letters to China)...

"Although in the land of Tibet there are many different tenets like that of Nyingma, Kugyu, Sakya, Gelugpa and so forth it is only the Gelug School which establishes the unmistaken view of emptiness and the Prasangika Madhyamika system which is the philosophy of Nagarjuna. It is not only the philosophical view but also in terms of meditation it is the perfect meditation devoid of laxity and torpor. As for its behaviour it is again pure as it is practiced in accordance with the vinaya teachings. Thus it is only the Gelug School which knows how to adopt the three: the view, the meditation, the behaviour and in fact the complete teaching of the Buddha as one integrated practice in the form of the stages of the path to enlightenment.

these days the views of all Sakyas, Kagyus, Nyingmas and so on are erroneous. They are not even Svatantra or Cittamatra, let alone the view of Prasanga Madhyamaka – meditating only the nihilist view like tirthikas and Hashang. If one upholds the nihilist view, the result is nothing other than going to Avichi hell. Since they can't recognize subtle lethargy, even their meditation is defective.

Still on this earth, many other faiths like Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Comfucianism (lit Kong-tse) Bon and so on flourish and each of them claims their own system as the best. However, except in the teaching of the Buddha, all the others do not have the path to liberation. They do not even have the potential to abandon even one type of afflictive emotions. Even if they practice and uphold their faith in great hardship for a long time, it will simply open the gate of the lower realms and no positive result will be achieved at all from them. They are merely deceptive words showing what is not a path as a path.

In general there are many religions in this world. Every follower thinks that his own faith is the best. However, if we honestly examine, Christianity and Islam are barbarism and therefore are the worst and there is no other religion worse than these. The non-Buddhist systems like that of Kapila and Sankhya are slightly better than the aforementioned faiths but they do not have the path to liberation. They may undertake great hardships like self-immolation and jumping upon a trident but there is no path to liberation. They open the gate to the lower realms.

The so-called Bonpo is also not at all different from the other non-Buddhist faiths. Far from achieving liberation it opens the door to the lower realms.

Without exception most of them fall into the unfathomable lower realms.

Therefore, in Tibet, except Tsongkhapa's philosophy, all others are mistaken. As such I can affirm that at present on this earth and beneath the sky it is only the refined gold, like Manjushri Tsongkhapa's system which is alone totally faultless in every aspect, be it the philosophical view, the meditation or the conduct. It is complete, profound and extensive and if one has the knowledge and the ability to practice this teaching properly then one will be able to attain Buddhahood within twelve human years or even in three years and three fortnights."

(Pabongkha was an anti-Buddhist, anti-Islam and anti-Christian bigot)

Kelsang Gyatso writes otherwise (essentially agreeing with the Dalai Lama attempt to harmonize Tibet's religious traditions)...

"Of course! Of course we believe that every Nyingmapa and Kagyupa have their complete path. Not only Gelugpa. I believe that Nyingmapas have a complete path. Of course, Kagyupas are very special. We very much appreciate the example of Marpa and Milarepa [in the Kagyu lineage]. Milarepa showed the best example of guru devotion. Of course the Kagyupas as well as the Nyingmapas and the Sakyapas, have a complete path to enlightenment. Many Nyingmapas and Kagyupas practice very sincerely and are not just studying intellectually. I think that some Gelugpa practitioners need to follow their practical example."

Oops. Kelsang Gyatso slams his guru, the most extreme wrongdoing one can do according to NKT. Fortunately, in this matter Kelsang Gyatso is not a bigot like Pabongkha.

When it comes to Shugden, however, Kelsang Gyatso and Pabongkha are on the same wavelength - use Shugden as a political sword against disbelievers. Be angry. Fight. Threaten. Undermine. Demean. Terrorize. Conspire. Waste your life.