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May 2010, NKT announced a new web site. It lasted 1 month.

NKT's purpose was to refute nktworld.org.

"There is a new blog online tackling the website NKTWorld.org. The NKT World – Where there’s smoke…there’s arson!...The aim of this blog is to examine and clarify the more frequent assertions that NKTWorld.org makes about the New Kadampa Tradition, addressing the many misconceptions presented therein...Before, I only commented on a purported journalist’s poor writing style and research ability, but now I also doubt whether they can even read...poorly written and poorly conceived material does not even merit a response."

NKT noted,

"I engage only because it sparks some wisdom within me which I otherwise wouldn't have uncovered, understanding that the goal is never to convince..."

Bravo. Uncovering wisdom is good.

NKT support web sites were quick to link to the short-lived anti nktworld.org web site published by 'puremindpureworld'.

E.g., see bottom link (active view from web page as of Sep 23, 2015).