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Another NKT Response


"YOu bunch  of treacherous;  sucking on your mothers 'tits  . OoooooooH I feel so high reading your unsubstantiate reasonings with "hype" messages , "hype website" , You bunch of low class, low intelligence  pro -Dalai Lama " buddhists ", You can't even spell "independant" . I bet you behave just like your guru Dalai Lama the Hollywood Monk who grab the tits of some female stars behind the scene. In front of the camera, he is so holy,,,,,hoooooly   ,,,,,,,,, and that I bet the dharma protector would love to spank him as well as you tonite, may be you 'll run into a car accident and it 'll give you an opportunity to curse the Dharma protector , you like to blame and blame , and blame and whine  and whine. Don't you  ? You like mental S& M , don't you, or you  choose to play physical s& m with your guru His Holinessssssss............ Your  Kind of " buddhism" is to dictate people to act accordingly to your whims,& manipulations. Nothing else. Low quality , no -substance teachings . Perhaps I should teach you on Madhyamika - prasangika, I bet  your  understanding of  "the 50 versus of guru Devotion" is to suck on your lama's tits. Who are u to challenge Trijang Rinpoche's disciple, based on your Dalai Lama 's official letter ? How official is that "official" ? 'love and compassion" is a front stage show  for you to show off  your self grandiose delusions. Dictate on people on how they should spend their money on charities ? YOu can't even control your own life, your own finances. Your practices sucks. You don't even have the balls to divulge your registrant  on  this nktworld.org domain  name.

Do you have the nerves to post my message on your website ????? I  Love you........so much. "



Editor's Note:
This is exactly how the caustic message read. Nothing in the post is correct.

The threat of a Shugden spanking and the cause of a car accident that one might have is notable and consistent with Shugden's utility for vengeance. The 'official' letter of The Dalai Lama reference is not understood; this web site has no such official letter.

This essay is not posted here because of nerves but rather because it serves another revealing look into NKT's inner self - begging NKT's attention far more than its campaign against The Dalai Lama and its biographers.

This NKT message is representative of hundreds of NKT posts on Internet blogs and the inevitable hateful by-product of NKT's path toward selfishness and ego supremacy over others and Gyatso's Dalai Lama envy. The same vitriol is seen in the faces of NKT clergy protesting against The Dalai Lama (NKT boasts great pride in such photographs and has distributed hundreds of similar photographs on the Internet).

NKT vitriol

Other spiteful NKTites have sent messages to this web site, claiming that an illegal copy of Adobe Dreamweaver is used to create the web site, the protests against The Dalai Lama are not an attack on The Dalai Lama, there is no Dharma on this web site, contributors to this web site have a very serious problem, don't forget to take your medications, and "I'm sorry to hear about Samden - I received my first empowerment from him and will always consider him a Bodhisattva. Please pass on my respects if you are able."

Corrections of any kind to this web site are encouraged, including proper spelling. So are thoughtful well-researched essays. Keep your hate to yourself.

Like the rest of NKT public policy, these harsh posts add brush strokes of detail to NKT's anti-Buddhist portrait.

Of course, many ex NKT members and administrators have applauded this web site, offering kindness, encouragement, and sublime heart-felt devotion to Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.

One recent post included a sobering message of NKT's Gyatso's ruinous fundamentalist lineage. Pabongkha, who promoted Shugden from a minor deity to a full Buddha based on a dream, said:

"Apart from the doctrine of Manjughosha Tsongkhapa alone, these days the views of all Sakyas, Kagyus, Nyingmas and so on are erroneous. They are not even Svatantra or Cittamatra, let alone the view of Prasanga Madhyamaka-- meditating only the nihilist view like tirthikas and Hashang. If one upholds the nihilist view, the result is nothing other than going to Avichi hell. Since they can't recognize subtle lethargy, even their meditation is defective. Apart from the thunderous noise of their pretentious boasting about profound secret mantra, they don't even know the direction of bliss and emptiness, luminosity, union and so on. Since for them liberation and path of omniscience does not exist, realization will not arise even if they practice for a thousand years, as pointless as wishing for butter by churning water."

Further discussion of Shugden's deployment to harm others is presented in the essay, Just Another Fundamentalist.

It is not known whether The Dalai Lama is the guru of any contributors to this web site. However, though castigated by NKT's PR machine, The Dalai Lama is admired by hundreds of millions of Buddhists around the world, hundreds of Buddhist monasteries and organizations, the Nobel prize organization, thousands of academic researchers, thousands of book stores around the world, hundreds of newspapers and book publishers, over a billion non-Buddhists, and at least a hundred heads of state. According to NKT, all these folks and organizations are wrong about The Dalai Lama, who NKT claims is not a Buddhist.



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