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All life is gloriously precious, our spiritual life profoundly sublime. Some of us rise to our potential - to forget for a moment, longer when we get good at it, our attachment gratification, and fill these insightful moments with a simple loving awareness that we are all connected and what we do to benefit others is the ultimate purpose of our lives. Everything else is a devaluation and postponement of our destiny.

Gyatso's most profound words,

"Compared with others our own problems and sufferings are insignificant because others are countless while we ourselves are each just one single person. The happiness and freedom of countless living beings are more important than the happiness and freedom of one single person - ourself. It is therefore inappropriate to be concerned only with our own liberation. We should develop instead the superior view that cherishes all living beings and maintain this day and night, never allowing ourself to forget it."

Everything else is a mere appearance to the mind. Our suffering, as well as everyone else's, is produced by our own actions of selfishness.

Gyatso wrote, "Many problems are also caused by people's attachment to their religious views." Gyatso's campaign for religious supremacy demonstrates the retrograde direction that NKT has taken in its unilateral war with Buddha's teachings. NKT's front line - the Internet, where its web site newkadampatruth.org and its Internet bloggers fire ego-feeding and crippling hate into the world.

Accordingly, the potentially wondrous energies of Gyatso's misguided followers are being squandered. Rather than inspire us, NKT trivializes Buddhism with an angry campaign engineered to produce controversy for media consumption. Almost no one watching NKT's self-cherishing media persona will be attracted to Buddhism, de-evolving humanity in the process.

Far greater life purpose and holiness would be donated towards the cosmic journey of the connected network of living beings by showing the world a positive portrait and an example of Buddhists humbly cherishing others over self. This way, NKT would embrace and expand Buddhism. How beneficial this would be.