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The best and brightest at NKT have recently updated their blame assessment for NKT's disrepute.

NKT has identified its villains for casting NKT as a sectarian hate mongering enterprise by turning the tables and calling them sectarian and hate mongering. How clever. Not surprisingly, NKT fails to accept the elephant in the room for NKT's problems, NKT (as exemplified in NKT's videos of its protests and its caustic web sites and blog posts) .

FIRST, NKT blames the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT) because the FPMT like virtually all Tibetan Buddhists supports the Dalai Lama. NKT offers a testimonial,

"We were constantly hearing feedback from General Program students about how they were told by the FPMTers that we who attended NKT centers were not Buddhists, we were a money making cult, we had no authority to teach, our ordinations were not real, Geshe Kelsang was an evil wizard leading us all into hell … you get the idea."

NKT adds,

"Here's an interesting exercise for you. Go to an FPMT Center or another Tibetan Buddhist group that is loyal to the Dalai Lama. Even just run into them at a social gathering. Mention that you have been to an NKT Center or that your teacher is Geshe Kelsang. If the evidence of hundreds of testimonials is to be believed, you will be given horrified looks and either the people will step away from you hurriedly or they will give you extensive disinformation about the NKT, tell you that you are a spirit worshipper who harms others’ lives (even if you have never worshipped a spirit in your life and have dedicated your life to helping others), and strongly advise you never to return to the NKT Center."

NKT's contemptuous knife in FPMT's heart...

"Most of the FPMT (with a few notable exceptions) have seemingly unquestioningly adopted the Dalai Lama's superstitious, sectarian view on Dorje Shugden by adopting various discriminatory policies: (1) no one who holds any position in the FPMT organization is a Dorje Shugden practitioner, (2) those who seek ordination within FPMT are also not worshipping this Wisdom Buddha, and, (3) most recently, that Buddhist Dorje Shugden practitioners may not even attend teachings within the FPMT!"

Contrary to NKT, FPMT has no web sites or blogs like NKT's that smear NKT's perceived critics. FPMT, like all other non-NKT organizations, does not protest around the world and does not squander its donations like NKT. Unlike NKT, FPMT contributes significantly to real charities as do most real Buddhist organizations.

NKT's lack of understanding of its problem almost screams. NKT is dumfounded that anyone can find credible that large numbers of Buddhists, Sera Je Monastery where Kelsang Gyatso was dismissed for his hate, and an array of respected Buddhist teachers are horrified with NKT when NKT itself boasts it is not affiliated with any form of Buddhism, spends so much of its charitable donations on so many protests and attacking web sites, and is particularly on the hunt against Tibetan Buddhists. NKT's internal sexual misconduct and student-teacher scandals are real and many. NKT's proclivity to ban students and clergy is now legendary. Kelsang Gyatso's dismissal of Lucy James as a resident teacher, now at work on NKT's caustic web sites, stunned many inside and outside NKT, inducing longtime senior NKT members to leave NKT.

THEN, NKT blames a small group, specifically, Michael Jäckel (an ex NKT monk and teacher), an administrator of E-Sangha (an Internet blog portal), 'New Kadampa Survivors' (several hundred NKT clergy and students who found the courage to leave NKT after near personal destruction, some to the point of suicidal tendencies), and other unidentified Tibetan Buddhist groups, claiming,

"These organizations and individuals are responsible for the most prolific anti-NKT postings on the web. We have included them here because they have caused material damage to the NKT-IKBU by undermining its reputation; and between them have destroyed the faith of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of individuals."

Apparently, this group has destroyed more individual's faith in NKT than NKT has developed to have faith in NKT and they have almost destroyed NKT itself (that's funny, because Kelsang Gyatso blamed his heir, and someone who NKT's Internet 'truth' tellers praised, for doing the same thing a few years ago).

Read NKT's entire blame page here. For balance, review Michael Jäckel's web site here. Decide for yourself who has more substance supporting their findings.

This is NKT's best doing their best, blaming NKT's troubles on others.

How clever that NKT fails to list themselves as the cause of its troubles, just what an organization bent on self cherishing would do.

After substantial searching, I cannot find any Buddhist organization that supports NKT's campaign.


Editors Note:
Regarding FPMT, which was once headquartered at Manjushri Center, (from an earlier essay)

"Gyatso opened an independent Buddhist center in York, England separate from the FPMT. Causing friction, Gyatso was asked by Lama Yeshe and Lama Zopa to resign from Manjushri Institute. However, because of the numbers of now fervent devotees to Gyatso and of the prohibitive maintenance expenses for the Institute's large historical building, Lamas Yeshe and Zopa lost control of Manjushri Institute. The stress appears to have been intensified by a shocking blackmail against Lamas Yeshe and Zopa in 1983, when Gyatso threatened that he was prepared to turn over a 100-page report of illegal activities at Manjushri Institute, including drug smuggling, (for Gyatso's taped ultimatum, click here). When Manjushri Institute's founder and spiritual leader died in 1984, Manjushri Institute was lost to Gyatso's regime. (for NKT's corporate statement about its takeover, click here) - note NKT's threatened police action and legal action regarding (NKT's) alleged (not fact as wrongly published by NKT) serious criminal activities and drug smuggling by FPMT. Gyatso's first change at Manjushri Institute was to reverse the decline in Shugden practices that had occurred in deference to The Dalai Lama's advice to de-emphasize it (Gyatso then emptied the rich library of Manjushri, filling it with Gyatso's book business). In 1986, Gyatso taught the Shugden practice for the first time in English rather than Tibetan and required that the students commit exclusively to Gelug traditions of Tibetan Buddhism."

Gyatso's requirement to commitment to an extremist sect is curious because NKT distances itself from Tibetan Buddhism which NKT views as degenerate because of the Dalai Lama's leadership in Tibetan Buddhism.

The best evidence against Michael Jäckel that NKT possesses is what a NKT selection of anonymous individuals, NKT insiders, said about an analysis that Michael Jäckel wrote in 2006, mostly about his partial reliance on an academic peer reviewed author, David Kay. The substance of David Kay's work has not been reliably challenged anywhere. In contrast, the basis for NKT's purported religion cannot be reliably substantiated anywhere.

David Kay's book can be previewed here. Its findings are corroborated by many academic researchers, Buddhist teachers, Buddhist traditions and Buddhist authors. Non-NKT essays on this web site corroborate David Kay's work. Mountains of substantiation as compared to no reliable substantiation for NKT's extremism.

Obviously, NKT considers Michael Jäckel a formidable adversary who NKT has concluded requires much of its energy to temper Michael Jäckel's credibility to be so significant as to "have caused material damage to the NKT-IKBU by undermining its reputation; and...have destroyed the faith of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of individuals (in Shugden and for protests against the Dalai Lama)." Michael Jäckel should probably be congratulated, undermining NKT's will to fight Buddhists is laudatory.

Years of training by those inventing NKT's defense have been wasted.


(I do not know Michael Jäckel, never met him, never been in the same building or city or country with him. I have, however, learned much about Shugden and NKT background from his work, which helped me explore these matters more reliably. I have become convinced - through hundreds of hours or research so I could comfortably arrive at grounded conclusions by reading dozens of books about and scriptures of Buddhism and by practicing Buddhism for a long time - that Michael Jäckel's analyses are substantially more credible than NKT's offensive defense of its public policy mission. Similarly, I am not a student of FPMT, but have been aware for many years of its good works and sincere support of Buddhism. FPMT and NKT have little in common vis a vis spiritual benefit for sincere seekers of their spiritual destinies.)