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NKT Keeps Attacking

NKT's transformation from an ambitious Buddhist separatist cult to a secular political attack machine is maturing rapidly.

NKT's assault on Tibetan Buddhism began in the early 1980s. Next, The Dalai Lama was targeted in 1996, seeding NKT's decade-long worldwide counterpoint to the wondrous teachings from The Dalai Lama about compassion and harmony.

In July of 2008, NKT metastasized its pitiful egocentricity, inaugurating its Internet assault on individual Buddhists. NKT named them, designed sordid psychiatric biographies to destroy their credibility, and published on its web site their photographs (sometimes deceptively obtained) hoping to protray them as NKT villains everywhere they may go - www.newkadampatruth.org (specifically, http://www.newkadampatruth.org/fpmt.php - FPMT refers to NKT's first target, the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition; background of NKT's assault on FPMT is presented elsewhere on this web site).

NKT's 'smear' web site is a virtually a design copy of a web site for a US presidential candidate, including copy/paste of the political campaign's 'Smear' image.


NKT's PR machine has identified whom it portrays as NKT's chief nemesis. Tenzin Peljor is a Buddhist monk who was once a devoted follower of NKT's Gyatso and who was very active in NKT's early battle with The Dalai Lama in 1998. Eventually, like many other NKT clergy and lay members hurt by NKT's theology and abuse, Tenzin was compelled to leave NKT's anti-Buddhist ambition.

Tenzin appears, contrary to NKT's negative characterization, to be a particularly sensitive individual who is open minded, kind, willing to amend his views, and an intensively introspective and detailed analyst of Buddhist history, Buddhist liturgy, Buddhist monastic procedure, Buddhist Dharma, human rights, and NKT fundamentalism, Shugden focus, protests against Buddhists, and current events.

Tenzin manages two valuable resources on the Internet, Western Shugden Society - unlocked (which provides often especially informative reader responses) and Info Buddhismus - Tibetan Buddhism goes West. Tenzin extensively references his analyses and constructively addresses NKT/Shugdenite criticism. Tenzin's presentation is clear, heart-felt, informative, constructive, thoughtful, kind and well researched.

In stark contrast, NKT represents the antithesis of Tenzin's style and contribution.

Easy for anyone to examine for themselves - NKT's abusive campaign against Tenzin Peljor...

For example, review NKT's anti-Tenzin web pages:

New Kadampa Truth (a classic oxymoron)

Tenzin Peljor, Editor in Chief

Fundamentalism or Traditionalism

Western Shugen Society - Unlocked - Again

More Lies from Tenzin Peljor and Associates

The Truth About the NKT, the WSS and the Protests

This NKT pulp fiction is augmented with NKT's many spiteful blog posts (e.g., on Buddha Chat, Beliefnet Forums, Phayul Message Forum) and its whining about negative analyses about its misconduct with Amazon.com and Yahoo/Google user groups.

NKT distributes little more than hateful finger pointing to evade NKT's underlying cancer - Gyatso's fundamentalism and rejection of Tibetan Buddhism as degenerate, NKT's blind devotion to a single self-degreed 'Geshe', NKT's teachings empowering selfishness, dramatic incidents of sexual and other forms of abuse inside NKT, NKT's political muscle known as the Western Shugden Society, NKT's senseless devotion to its vein supremacy, NKT's eggregious distortion of Tsongkhapa's beautiful legacy, lack of human warmth in its centers, and NKT's assault on The Dalai Lama, other Buddhist Lamas, a handful of individual Buddhists, FPMT, and Lama Yeshe (died 1984 after Gyatso took over Manjushri Institute in England.

Shameful. Rather than practice Buddhism, NKT feverishly designs political campaigns for its ego fulfillment. Perhaps a Freudian slip, NKT poignantly labels one of its web pages, "Smears of the New Kadama Tradition." Watching NKT is like watching partisan political talking heads, not humble contemplative compassionate Buddhists. At NKT, vanity trumps compassion.

After reviewing the expansive record, you decide.