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I was reminded recently of Kelsang Gyatso's (and the author of the web site created to demean this web site, nktworld.org) reliance on Dhongtog Tulku Tenpai Gyaltsen as a reliable source for Kelsang Gyatso's Shugden cult.


Dhongthog Rinpoche is recognized as the 5th reincarnation of Jampal Rigpai Raldri by H.H. Sakya Dagchen Ngawang Junga Rinchen of Drolma Palace and served as head teacher of Dhongthog Rigdrol Phuntsog Ling Monastery, Kardze, Tibet

Dhongtog Tulku Tenpai Gyaltsen wrote the following in his book Earth Shaking Thunder of True Word, which addressed attacks against the Dalai Lama (NKT's are the loudest attacks) over Shugden, and specifically Kelsang Gyatso's campaign against the Dalai Lama (Kelsang Gyatso relied upon this book for his Shugdenism!),

The book was "published with a very specific intention. Its purpose is to influence those who either ignore, doubt or misunderstand H.H. The Dalai Lama's advice regarding the propitiation of guardian deities. In particular, this work is aimed at rectifying the misguided view that certain practitioners have regarding Dolgyal cult.

"Being the holder of the title, Rinpoche, it is incumbent upon me, as a sacred duty, to point out practitioners' mistakes and thus protect them from wrong views that are the cause of breaking their refuge vows.

The majority of Tibetans have accepted his (the Dalai Lama) advice and are practicing their faith with understanding and righteousness. However, a minority who have been influenced by the evil of certain rigid sectarians oppose His Holiness and undertake counter movements which can only lead to their own downfall and the downfall of others...I intend to dig up the root of the opponents' heretical view...this matter should be considered an insidious danger like smoldering fire concealed under ashes.

Phawong Khapa's (Pobangkha, 1878-1941) followers want H.H. the Dalai Lama to follow the doctrine of Phawong Khapa that implies that the Sakya, Kagyud and NYingma traditions are unacceptable as paths to ultimate liberation...This doctrine holds that the Gaden tradition is the only path that can lead practitioners to ultimate liberation.

In 1978, H.H. the Dalai Lama expelled Dzeme Tulku (author of The Yellow Book)...In 1987, in blatant opposition to His Holiness' advice, Dzeme commissioned the construction of Shugden statues...On March 29, 1983, H.H. the Dalai Lama ordered the destruction of the Shugden statue that had been made with the sponsorship of Pelzurwa Dorje Norbu...Upon hearing this order Dorje Pelzurwa became very angry and could not control his temper...he subsequently wrote a book entitled, "The Crystal Mirror in which Truth and Falsity reflect clearly, a Letter to Khamtul Jamyang Dhondrup"...Pelzurwa said in his book that the Dalai Lama would be responsible for the Buddhist doctrine coming to an end because he goes against his tutor's (Trijang Rinpoche) view. He also says that Shugden is better and more reliable than the state oracle, Nechung Dorje Dragden. All of this is wicked and baseless...Finally, the Chinese security had to escort him to China for his safety.

In England Geshe Kalzang Gyatso of Sera openly criticized the Dalai Lama and motivated about three hundred English students and followers to march around the Office of Tibet in London as a demonstration of his opposition. This event may be considered the first such incidence in the history of Tibet that a Tibetan national opposed and attacked our leader, our government and people in such a way. It is also well-known that Kalzang Gyatso commanded his students not to display any pictures of H.H. the Dalai Lama on their shrines or even in their rooms.

Tibetans cannot bear this outrageous behavior against the government and people of Tibet. The Tibetan National Democratic Society and other organizations sent letters of rebuke to him. But then, Kalzang Gyatso circulated two thousand copies of a pamphlet entitled, "A Sword that Cuts the Suffering Plaint of Tibetans-in-exile." He sent copies to high Tibetan officials and various associations.

The Dalai Lama's preclusion of Dolgyal practice resulted from a prophetic edict of the state oracle, Nechung Dorje Dragden, the dough-ball test in the presence of the sacred scroll painting of Shri Mahakali Devi that once belonged to the first Dalai Lama, Gedundrug, his own divination and careful research into the history of Shugden starting from the Great Fifth down to the present.

The Dalai Lama disclosed these matters to Trijang Rinpoche (1900-1981; Gyatso's root guru) with full explanation and instructed him on how to propitiate guardian deities. Trijang did not speak a single word against him, but agreed with him by supporting his advice. This is known by all, Tibetans and foreigners alike.

The cessation of Dolygyal practice is not an accumulation of bad karma. It is a necessary correction and a kind service to the Gadenpa tradition. The source of the Gadenpa tradition is Kadampa which was introduced into Tibet by Atisha Dipamkara (982-1054). This tradition accepts only four deities, namely, Buddha Shakyamuni, Avalokiteshvara, Tara and Miyowa...The Kadampa tradition gradually declined and by the fifteenth century the great Je Tzongkhapa Lobszang Dragpa (1357-1419) had revitalized it...Je Tzongkhapa also studied, practiced and disseminated Guhyasamaja, Chakrasamvara and Vajra Bhairava. Because of these practices he also propitiated guardian deities such as Mahakala, Dharmaraja and Veshravana.

During the time of the Great Fifth Dalai Lama, Tulku Dragpa Gyaltsen (1619-1655)...broke his commitment with his Vajra masters and this caused his troublesome death...Because of these negative circumstances his rebirth was in the form of a powerful, fierce spirit and there was a display of several frightening miracles. Because of this, the house of the deceased was razed, his memorial stupa was disassembled, and his corpse was packed into a box. The box was thrown into the Yarchab river and carried far away by the current to a southern area of Lhasa called Dol. The spirit settled there in Dol and so came to be known as Dolgyal. The spirit wondered there for a few years creating trouble for the Dalai Lama and his newly established Gaden Phodrang.

Dolgyal continued on westward until he reached Sakya monastery...Dagchen Rinpoche bound him spiritually (by the power of his meditation) and compelled him to cease harming people and the Dharma. Dolgyal was thus held in the custody of the Four-face Mahakala, Tsaturmukha, who was one of the three chief guardian deities of the Sakyapa doctrine...By this means the life of the Great Fifth Dalai Lama, the Tibetan government and the people of Tibet were protected from the danger of Shugden for some time.

In any case, practitioners do propitiate Dolgyal as the wrathful manifestation of Tulku Dragpa Gyaltsen...Because some of the former Gaden throne-holders had experienced unfortunate circumstances propitiating Dolgyal, the great Gaden throne-holders Ngawang Chogden (1677-1751) and Changkya Rolpai Dorje (1717-1786) banned Dolgyal practice.

In later years, Phawong Khapa Dechen Nyingpo introduced the rite of "Dorje Shugden Life Entrustment." The basis of this rite derived from an illusory dream that Tagphu Pema Dorje had which he believed was a "pure vision." Dolgyal Shugden was thus promoted to the level of a transworthy deity and adorned with the titles, "chief protector of the teachings of Manjushri-Tzongkhapa"and "war deity of the Gadenpa doctrine," Moreover, from his own subjective viewpoint, Phawong Khapa also introduced elaborations of Shugden such as, peaceful and wrathful forms, five-family forms, and sadhanas composed in the categories of outer, inner and secret. Phawong Khapa thus disgraced the Gadenpa tradition in a magnitude as great as Mount Sumeru by establishing this tainted system of propitiation that makes Shugden more important tnd favored than the traditional Gadenpa guardian deities, six-armed Mahakala, Dharmaraja and Shri Mahakali Devi.

The promotion of the wrathful incarnation of Tulku Dragpa Gyaltsen, who broke his spiritual commitment with these two kind lamas (Penchen Lobzang Ghogyen (1570-1662) and the Great Fifth Dalai Lama), to the high level of chief guardian deity of Manjushri-Tzongkhapa's doctrine is nothing less than perversity. It is amazing that Phawong Khapa said that even putting other Tibetan Buddhist books together with Gadenpa books is prohibited...

The basic difference between the Sakyapa view and that of Phawong Khapa is that the Sakya placate Shugden conditionally, providing him with offerings of food and shelter...Whereas Phawong Khapa (and you followers) propitiate Dolgyal with the idea that he came purposefully in this degenerate time to protect the Gadenpa doctrine. Therefore, there is a great difference; like the difference between feeding a criminal or assigning that criminal to a high rank and worshiping him. Aditionally, the Sakyapa also preserved the Buddha Dharma and saved the people of Tibet from harm by annihilating or restricting other spirits as well. These include Shangbal, Nyagrong Bulongma and others. So, please remember this kindness.

...the Nyingmapa position totally denies Shugden any status with guardian deities while the Sakyapa put him under control...

...in his (Phawong Khapa) later years he was influenced by evil forces and propagandized that Sakyapa, Kagyudpa and Nyingmapa traditions were false doctrines and that their practitioners could not achieve liberation...In this way he broadly denigrated the Tibetan religion in the guise of holy advice and by writing condemning letters to disciples and patrons. Moreover, with evil intent he tried to forcibly destroy the Sakya, Kagyud and Nyingma traditions by means of Chinese governmental intrusion. He attempted this by exerting his influence over Lui Chuntrang, an illegal Chinese governor in Kham province of Tibet. The rationale for this subversion was Phawong Khapa's assertion that eliminating all the various Tibetan Buddhist traditions, except the Gadenpa tradition, was superior to tolerating them since their doctrines were flawed. For those who wish to know all the details of this, you are referred to Phawong Khapa's collected works, volume Cha.

He (Phawong Khapa, aka Pobangkha) routinely propitiated Shugden for the specific purpose of attempting to undermine and damage the Sakya, Kagyud and Nyingma traditions...he led many people into a perverted path by pandering to their mundane desires. In summary, Phawong Khapa adopted a course that was singularly harmful to the Dharma and to the people. he thus became guilty of the ten grievous crimes against Buddhism...

Phawong Khapa was a learned and good lama at the beginning. One day he found a book buried underground when he was working on the restoration of a damaged stupa in the southern District of Lhasa, Tibet. He opened the book and found it to be a refutation against the Nyingma written by Drigung Paldzin. Reading this book caused him to lose faith in Nyingma.

His Holiness (the 13th Dalai Lama) was displeased with Phawong Khapa's behavior and banned his public teachings of the Shugden cult.

After the passing of the thirteenth Dalai Lama, Phawong Khapa became free from His Holiness's restriction and gained the chance to continue his bad activities.

There are many reliable stories about misfortunes such as suicides, strokes, accidental deaths and insanity occurring among those in monasteries, colleges and communities where Dolgyal is propitiated in contradiction to Mahakali and the Ku-Nga deities. Therefore, having been proven by reason, no one wise or foolish should contest the fact that the Dolgyal doctrine and its teacher are the destroyers of Tibetan Buddhist doctrine and the Tibetan people.

You who claim that Dolgyal is inseparable from Manjushri, what is the source of your assertions? There is no prophesy or scriptural reference to this in any Buddha's teachings or in any way the works of Indian Buddhist masters or in the works of Tzongkhapa.

There is no doubt that Dolgyal, a reborn ghost, propitiated as a chief guardian deity of the Gadenpa doctrine is not in agreement with Je Tzongkhapa's view.

Though I have not seen the letters sent by your plotting society of jackals and wolves, I have already outlined in detail the events and suffering that has ensued...

Your implication that the Dalai Lama decided to leave Tibet because of a Shugden prophecy is false.

The fact of the matter is that you, the followers of Phawong Khapa and Dzeme are the ones who always misapply the Dharma and this is why we face the current situation.

Because demons have overpowered your consciousness, you have accused your spiritual masters and Dharma friends. It is piteous that you have transgressed your commitments and become such a sinner.

Now, perhaps someone might think that we should not make any offerings and propitiation to worldly gods like Shugden and so forth at all. Generally, having taken the bodhisattva vows, how could it be possible to exclude any sentient being as an object of our giving?

There are those who say that the restriction on the practice of a cult of Dolgyal is a device to restrict freedom of religion. But it is not like that. It is the expression of our freedom of religion that we seek to preserve Buddhism by removing the stain of misconduct."

Furthermore, NKT contends that its guru, Pabongkha, was not sectarian.

However, a commentator elsewhere noted,

"Pabongka is indisputably an NKT lineage guru. And in his letter to the novice Nyu'u Tshalmo Trang, he writes,

Apart from the doctrine of Manjughosha Tsongkhapa alone, these days the views of all Sakyas, Kagyus, Nyingmas and so on are erroneous. They are not even Svatantra or Cittamatra, let alone the view of Prasanga Madhyamaka – meditating only the nihilist view like tirthikas and Hashang. If one upholds the nihilist view, the result is nothing other than going to Avichi hell. Since they can't recognize subtle lethargy, even their meditation is defective. Apart from the thunderous noise of their pretentious boasting about profound secret mantra, they don't even know the direction of bliss and emptiness, luminosity, union and so on. Since for them liberation and path of omniscience does not exist, realization will not arise even if they practice for a thousand years, as pointless as wishing for butter by churning water."

Trijang, another NKT guru, wrote about his teachings from Pabongkha,

"[This protector of the doctrine] is extremely important for holding Dzong-ka-ba's tradition without mixing and corrupting [it] with confusions due to the great violence and the speed of the force of his actions, which fall like lightning to punish violently all those beings who have wronged the Yellow Hat Tradition, whether they are high or low. [This protector is also particularly significant with respect to the fact that] many from our own side, monks or lay people, high or low, are not content with Dzong-ka-ba's tradition, which is like pure gold, [and] have mixed and corrupted [this tradition with ] the mistaken views and practices from other schools, which are tenet systems that are reputed to be incredibly profound and amazingly fast but are [in reality] mistakes among mistakes, faulty, dangerous and misleading paths. In regard to this situation, this protector of the doctrine, this witness, manifests his own form or a variety of unbearable manifestations of terrifying and frightening wrathful and fierce appearances. Due to that, a variety of events, some of them having happened or happening, some of which have been heard or seen, seem to have taken place: some people become unhinged and mad, some have a heart attack and suddenly die, some [see] through a variety of inauspicious signs [their] wealth, accumulated possessions and descendants disappear without leaving any trace, like a pond whose feeding river has ceased, whereas some [find it] difficult to achieve anything in successive lifetimes."

Insightful, the comments of Dhongtog Tulku Tenpai Gyaltsen above about Pabongkha, who became an extreme sectarian over Shugden, but who toned down his offensive Shugden rhetoric at the request of the 13th Dalai Lama, only to renege on his promise to the 13th Dalai Lama after the 13th Dalai Lama's death. Two faced Pabongkha.

Thus, using NKT's logic, NKT views all Sakyas, Kagyus and Nyingmas as erroneous, their meditation defective, pretentious and pointless. As Pabongkha, NKT wishes tragedies upon its perceived adversaries (many NKT supporters have published their harmful wishes).

And since NKT relies on Dhongtog Tulku Tenpai Gyaltsen, NKT believes it is,

"a minority who have been influenced by the evil of certain rigid sectarians oppose His Holiness and undertake counter movements which can only lead to their own downfall and the downfall of others"


Editors Note:
Comments about Kelsang Gyatso from the Tibetan Buddhist monastery that he attended but did not complete Geshe training are relevant here.

We observe that no book about NKT supports NKT other than NKT's books The Tibetan Situation Today and A Great Deception. In fact, we can find no independent support for NKT.

We wonder if NKT threatened litigation against Dhongtog Tulku Tenpai Gyaltsen for his book Earth Shaking Thunder of True Word (or against David Kay for his book Tibetan and Zen Buddhism in Britain: Transplantation, Development and Adaptation) as NKT did against Gary Beesley for his book A Cuckoo in the Peacock Palace: The Decline of Tradition in 21st Century Western Buddhism and the Rise of the New Kadampa Tradition. Certainly, NKT supporters did not brag about it as they now are about NKT's threats against Gary Beesley.

We wonder if someday Kelsang Gyatso and NKT supporters will rely on Gary Beesley's book as they do Dhongtog Tulku Tenpai Gyaltsen's book.

We hope that NKT supporters relinquish their cult sooner than later as thousands already have. Parents and friends, please help them.


Kelsang Gyatso

praise me, cast out my rival - the Dalai Lama, only I can teach truth, follow me or be attacked and threatened with litigation, this is my democracy, this is my religion

prostrate before my demon god or else

according to my teacher, Pabongkha, those who do not...

some people become unhinged and mad, some have a heart attack and suddenly die, some [see] through a variety of inauspicious signs [their] wealth, accumulated possessions and descendants disappear without leaving any trace, like a pond whose feeding river has ceased, whereas some [find it] difficult to achieve anything in successive lifetimes

I will use my skillful means (the Internet) and my wealth to demean your mental abilities and your psychiatric status

my followers will comply again and again

I am more powerful than you can imagine

Shugden, Shugden, Shugden