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In a featured video on NKT's parent web site, Kelsang Gyatso teaches...

"I think I need tell you.

Sometimes, some people are thinking that when we are going to do meditation, it looks like we have some mental problem. They are thinking these people don't want a normal job; they are lazy.

Many people are thinking this, not just you, even Tibetans; people have no interest in meditation.

We Tibetans, almost nobody encourages you to meditate.

Even in Tibet, Geshes are studying their whole life but no one encourages them to meditate.

Compared to actions of the mind, actions of body and speech don't have much power, very little power.

Karma means actions of body, speech and mind.

The principle action is the action of mind; this is real karma.

The results of actions of mind are hundreds of times greater than results of physical actions and verbal actions.

Even animals and dogs, they also experience from time to time some inner peace, mental peace...because they have on their consciousness the imprints of mental actions of concentration and meditation that they performed in their previous lives, and then these imprints of mental actions of meditation are ripening and they will experience mental peace. When they experience mental peace then they are really happy because their mind is happy.

Even if we kill a human being with compassion, it is less heavy because the motivation, which is mental action, is compassion."

Issues with Tibet and Tibetan Geshes!

Telling his elite cultists that they think that they look like they have mental problems, look lazy and look in need of a normal job when they meditate and they have no interest in meditating!

Fascinating soliloquy about animal mental peace and happiness, apparently greater than that of his followers!

Please, keep his compassionate motivation away from me if he has a weapon in his hand!