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Gyatso/NKT dedicate web sites AGAINST those who they despise and fear, though these web sites do not last long.

The most recent example was a horrible web site against Dr. Michelle Haslam (previously reviewed here).

It lasted several months (but now removed).

This web site, nktworld.org, also 'merited' a Gyatso/NKT web site May 2010, nearly 2 years after nktworld.org was created. This Gyatso/NKT web site lasted one month.

We had looked forward to this web site about nktworld.org because we were thursty for corrections to its submitted essays. They never came. All we received were attacks and threats, just what Gyatso/NKT are so infamous for.

Perhaps the most colorful was,

"YOu bunch of treacherous; sucking on your mothers 'tits . OoooooooH I feel so high reading your unsubstantiate reasonings with "hype" messages , "hype website" , You bunch of low class, low intelligence pro -Dalai Lama " buddhists ", You can't even spell "independant" . I bet you behave just like your guru Dalai Lama the Hollywood Monk who grab the tits of some female stars behind the scene. In front of the camera, he is so holy,,,,,hoooooly ,,,,,,,,, and that I bet the dharma protector would love to spank him as well as you tonite, may be you 'll run into a car accident and it 'll give you an opportunity to curse the Dharma protector , you like to blame and blame , and blame and whine and whine. Don't you ? You like mental S& M , don't you, or you choose to play physical s& m with your guru His Holinessssssss............ Your Kind of " buddhism" is to dictate people to act accordingly to your whims,& manipulations. Nothing else. Low quality , no -substance teachings . Perhaps I should teach you on Madhyamika - prasangika, I bet your understanding of "the 50 versus of guru Devotion" is to suck on your lama's tits. Who are u to challenge Trijang Rinpoche's disciple, based on your Dalai Lama 's official letter ? How official is that "official" ? 'love and compassion" is a front stage show for you to show off your self grandiose delusions. Dictate on people on how they should spend their money on charities ? YOu can't even control your own life, your own finances. Your practices sucks. You don't even have the balls to divulge your registrant on this nktworld.org domain name. Do you have the nerves to post my message on your website ????? I Love you........so much. "

Before this Gyatso/NKT web site was terminated, two essays were added to nktworld.org.