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It's here. Kelsang Gyatso's deity statue. $1,050. A living deity!


Kelsang Gyatso - world class self promoter and protester...a wealthy Buddha imposter too?


Kelsang Gyatso statue sold along side statues of Pabongka and Trijang - key figures of Tibetan Buddhism which Kelsang Gyatso alleges is corrupt and degenerate and from which its Lamas are not permitted to teach inside NKT

Lost Wax Process - Hand-Carved By Newari Artists. 7 inches, copper and gold, $77-135 shipping.

A first? A memorial statue in the syle of those of Buddhas while Kelsang Gyatso is still alive.

Maybe we too can all get a statue of ourselves, call ourselves Buddhas, create a profitible 'Buddhism' business, threaten litigation and direct protest rallies.

Or, better yet, live a life of compassion. Help others at our expense, not help ourselves at others' expense like Kelsang Gyatso does to his cult members and to obtain taxpayer subsidies around the world.