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Living in and capitalizing on lies has proven to be financially successful and to produce great moral incapacity.

The leading polluter of Buddhism, a Tibetan monk for fifty years broke away in 1991 to introduce to the West a sectarian devil named Shugden. Why? Because, according to Kelsang Gyatso’s extremism, Tibetan Buddhism was impure, degenerate, and corrupt. His cult, known as the New Kadampa Tradition or NKT, has thrived immensely – now with prime real estate around the world and huge net worth – by misrepresenting itself as genuine Tibetan Kadampa Buddhism, taking advantage of the Dalai Lama’s honored reputation, and mass-marketing Tantra. Inside the cult, books and teachers other than Gyatso’s are banned. Overtaken by Dalai Lama envy, Gyatso began attacking the Dalai Lama in 1996 alongside China’s government with worldwide political protest rallies and calling him evil and a lying dictator to discredit his beloved reputation and status with the Tibetan people and Buddhists everywhere. For his egregious transgressions, Gyatso was severed from his lineage in 1996 by his Tibetan monastery, stating that he was "Possessed by a terrible demon.”

Gyatso and NKT damaged the lives and spiritual pursuits of thousands of its members, including hundreds of whom found the courage to escape from sexual, psychological, emotional, and spiritual abuse. This book is dedicated to Gyatso/NKT’s Survivors.

After 32 years in business, Gyatso/NKT will require their 2023 teacher training program applicants to list their medical conditions, medications, physical or mental problems, and criminal convictions. Will their students be informed? Will Gyatso/NKT use this information against them or publish it on the Internet?

Truth and Bravery matter, but not for Kelsang Gyatso and NKT.

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The face of Gyatso's cult

"Never debate with your anger. If you are angry, you are deluded. If you try now to start talking with your anger, you are deluded. You can't see straight."
Dekyong, 2016 NKT video

Notice Tibet flag. Gyatso/NKT claim that Tibetan Buddhism is corrupt, degenerate, and impure. In April 2015, China ordered all monasteries in Tibet to display the flag for China, Gyatso/NKT's ally against the Dalai Lama.

Gyatso/NKT insist that they are not part of Tibetan Buddhism, they severed from its lineage and teachings.